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Marble polishing and restoration.

If your Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Granite, Terrazzo or stone does not look as good as it did when it was newly installed, we can help.

Your stone is the first thing your guests and visitors will notice when they enter your home, building or hotel. Having a pristine appearance will set you above and apart from the everyone else.

Terrazzo polishing and restoration.

Restoration by Absolute Shine Florida can restore your terrazzo to its beautiful, natural polish finish that is oh-so-easy to maintain. Terrazzo, popular in the 50s and 60s, is making a comeback.

Terrazzo that is yellowed with layer upon layer of wax build-up or buried for who knows how many years under carpet, linoleum, or tile may not look like it can be restored. But we can be hone and polish your terrazzo floors to reveal the brand new surface that lies beneath so your colorful little specks of marble glisten once again.

Concrete polishing and restoration.

There is nothing more powerful than seeing the transformation in person, which is why we offer mobilized concrete polishing demonstrations to show you what concrete polish can do for your facility. Just pick out your worst, highest traffic concrete flooring areas, and prepare to be amazed at polished concrete floors.

Polished concrete is the result of our special process that utilizes industrial diamonds, impregnating hardeners, and sealers made for grinding concrete floors. Our specialized equipment is used to level, make dense, polish, and, finally, seal the floor concrete from within the interior concrete floor.

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Superior and
Pressure Washing

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Clean everything
from siding and
concrete to tires and
windows with an
electric or gas
pressure washer from
Absolute Shine Florida

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Applying acid stain
to concrete can
give new life to plain,
and otherwise dull
looking surfaces..

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Provided the tiles
themselves are
in good condition and
are still solidly
adhered, regrouting the
tile will make the
entire installation look

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